Vinyl Lettering and Its Different Types and Uses

Vinyl lettering is just one of the many uses of vinyl. It is commonly used to decorate storefronts, offices, cars, banners, boats, glass windows and interior store walls. It is highly preferred in the large format industry because of its wide color selection and durability.

Vinyl, which is commonly known as PVC, actually refers to polyvinyl chloride. One of its many forms – plasticized vinyl – is used for vinyl lettering. These are thin rolls of vinyl with adhesive-back films that are rolled and cut by a plotter that is controlled by a computer so in order to produce letters and patterns. Patterns can also be printed on this vinyl film to produce intricate details and designs. For the DIY (do-it-yourself) folks, vinyl lettering can be ordered pre-fabricated with printed letters, so all they have to do is peel the pre-cut letters from the adhesive film for easy application.

Types of Vinyl Lettering

There are various types of vinyl lettering materials available in the market today. These are usually vibrantly colored, high performance, and weatherproof vinyl materials that have been designed for multi-purpose needs and applications. These include:

The right type of material to use for vinyl lettering depends on how and where it is to be used. Some of these materials can be quite unique and expensive, but have extremely short lifespans, while some are great for basic use, inexpensive, but can last a long time.

  • High Performance Cast Vinyl Film – This material can last for two years or more and is commonly used on highly exposed areas like storefront, vehicles, boats, and road signs.
  • Intermediate Vinyl Graphics – This is ideal for short-term use signage and banners as well as temporary outdoor signs. They are less durable than the high performance cast and is also prone to shrinkage.
  • Glow in the Dark VinylGlow-in-the-dark vinyl lettering is one of the special types of vinyl materials. It is the most ideal option for use in dark walkways.
  • Fluorescent Vinyl Letters – This is a vinyl material with a very brilliant luminous shine, making it more attractive. Unfortunately, exposure to UV rays tend to wash out the fluorescent pigment on this vinyl material when exposed, so this material is commonly used only for short term promotional purposes.
  • Simulated Metal Looking Vinyl Letters – This is a metalized polyester film that resembles the appearance of metal. While it is highly attractive and can suit special vinyl lettering purposes, it is rated to last only 6 to 12 months outdoor.
  • Special Effects Vinyl Letters – This is an eye catching vinyl film that includes holographic, mirror, mosaic, and multi lens effects. This material is commonly used indoors since its special effects tend to deteriorate in about 6 to 12 months.

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