Reflective Vinyl Lettering

Your Guide to Reflective Vinyl Lettering

Reflective vinyl lettering is a special type of vinyl sign making that may not be commonly requested but is very useful due to its special properties. This type of vinyl material can be used for many special purposes due to its unique reflective properties. It is commonly used on stop signs and other road signs, as the reflective material can be clearly seen even in the dark.

The main reason why reflective vinyl lettering is used in outdoor applications where visibility in the dark is important is that it does not require electric illumination.

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What You Need to Know about Reflective Vinyl

If you are thinking of using reflective vinyl lettering, however, you should know that this material does not give off light. Instead, it is only designed to be visible when another source of light strikes it. Every time this occurs, the material reflects the light and throws it back, thus allowing the person to see what’s written on the sign.

Due to the unique properties of reflective vinyl, it comes with certain challenges. For example, when it reflects light, there is usually a shifting in the colours. This means that a vinyl lettering will look slightly different in daylight and at night when it is reflecting light. This is why white reflective looks more on the grey side in daylight, while black reflective is brownish.

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