22 Feb 2015

Listed here are descriptions and recommendations for applying decals on a variety of surfaces.

Painted Plasterboard, Gyprock, Drywall

Most often used in modern home construction, this cladding material might seal brick walls or may be applied to dividing walls.   Plasterboard is usually flat with a very smooth surface.
Examples:  House walls, office walls, small barrier walls, false walls  
Recommendations:  This surface is ideal for...

23 Nov 2012

With the help of custom vinyl stickers, people may enjoy amazing designs and colors by facing an extremely low cost for them. Their main function is to ensure that the overall appearance of the surface or any object on which it is applied is enhanced. It is for this purpose that they are available in various colours and they are applicable on any object, as long as the surface is smooth and in nature. Some of the most common objects on which these stickers...

04 Oct 2012

Before making use of vinyl lettering, there are certain factors that need to take care of as a primary measure. In this way, it would be possible to ensure that the impact or effect of the sticker comes out to be just as expected by the person. These stickers are mostly used on flat surfaces and thus the primary factor is to ensure that surface is free from any sort of dust particle that might be there. These dust particles might create bubbles, which might not provide the same results as the person might...

28 Sep 2012

Vinyl lettering is just one of the many uses of vinyl. It is commonly used to decorate storefronts, offices, cars, banners, boats, glass windows and interior store walls. It is highly preferred in the large format industry because of its wide color selection and durability.

Vinyl, which is commonly known as PVC, actually refers to polyvinyl chloride. One of its many forms – plasticized vinyl – is used for vinyl lettering. These are thin rolls of vinyl with adhesive-back films that are...