Vinyl decal installation guide

The Decal consists of...

Your decals come to you all together in three layers: the transfer tape or pre-mask, the actual vinyl decal, and the white grid backing paper.

  • The top layer is called transfer tape or pre-mask. It looks somewhat like regular masking tape or clear tape. And is used to apply and protect you decal as you apply.
  • The middle layer is the actual decal. And this will come up with your transfer tape when you ready to apply.
  • The bottom layer is a backing paper with a waxy surface.

 Vinyl lettering decal or sticker 

How to apply a vinyl decal...

Wondering how to apply a vinyl decal? It is easy. It can be applied by following a few simple steps.

Step One - Surface preparation

Dirt and dust particles will cause vinyl lettering to bubble and not to stick properly.

  • Clean the destination surface to remove any dirt and oils.
  • Dry surface thoroughly.

  Clean the surface lettering sticker will be applied to  

Step Two - Vinyl decal preparation

The vinyl decal may have pulled away from the transfer tape during shipping. This action will adhere the vinyl decal to the transfer tape

  • Place the product (clear side up) on a smooth flat surface such as a table.
  • Take a squeegee and rub firmly across the entire decal. Start from the center and work out to the edges.

Note: If you do not have a squeegee use your fingertips or the sharp edge of a credit card, plastic ruler or similar object.

Vinyl decal preparation

Step Three - Position the vinyl decal

  • Place the decal on the destination surface.
  • Level and center the decal. Pay special attention to level and center the vinyl decal itself and not the backing paper/transfer tape.

Note: Draw horizontal guidelines in the area you wish to apply your lettering. You can use a wax pencil or if you don’t have a wax pencil you can use regular masking tape. Tape in place on one side only (the top, bottom or either side, however you feel more comfortable) to use as a hinge, using masking tape enclosed.

Position the vinyl decalPosition the lettering sticker

Step Four - Remove the backing paper

  • Peel the backing paper away from the DECAL and MASK LAYER starting at the opposite side of the masking taped hinge.
  • Remove backing paper slowly. At an angle, slowly peel away the backing paper underneath without touching the sticky vinyl.

Note: The vinyl decal should stay adhered to the clear transfer tape. If it starts to separate, help it stay together.

  • Slowly roll the sticky vinyl and transfer tape onto the destination surface starting from the tape hinge-side.

Note: Go very slow and work out any air bubbles with a credit card or your fingers as you go.

Remove the backing paper of your vinyl letteringRemove the backing paper of your letter sticker

Step Five - Secure the vinyl decal to the surface.

  • Rub the transfer tape. Start from the side with the tape and gently work away from the tape to the edges to help remove any leftover air bubbles

Note: After the image is on the surface, rub the entire image applying pressure to adhere the vinyl to the surface.

Secure the vinyl decal to the surfaceSecure the lettering sticker to the surface

Step Six - Finish!

  • Gently peel away the transfer tape starting from one corner pulling down at a tight angle across the vinyl decal.

Note: Be patient and go slow. Once the transfer tape is removed you are done.