Vinyl Boat Lettering

Vinyl Boat Lettering – Achieving the Best Look for Your Boat

If you have a boat that you use for your quick getaways, extended vacations, or like a second home, you’d naturally want to give it a memorable sea-faring name. But instead of opting to have the name painted on the boat just like in any common boat out there, you can make not just a label but also a statement by opting for Vinyl Boat Lettering. Vinyl lettering will allow you to go all out in designing a nice name for your boat or a boat registration decal. You can choose a font, colour and design you want for your boat. This can make your boat not just attractive but also creative.

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Before you decide on the specific type of Vinyl Boat Lettering you want, think carefully about:

  • What kind of image you want your boat to exude. Since customised vinyl labeling now makes use of advanced digital design techniques, you can come up with any design for your boat. This means you can create an overall theme or image for your boat. If you want to make it look minimalist and modern, you can choose bold lines and soft curves. If you want to make it look traditional, you can use more intricate designs.
  • What type of message it will convey. Since every font style sends a different message, you can choose a font that matches the personality of your boat. If you have a speed boat, a modern, electronic type font would make it look more exciting. But if you have an elegant yacht, then an equally elegant font type in script would be more fitting. If you have a mega yacht, on the other hand, you can use a more grandiose font to reflect your boat’s imposing personality.
  • What colours look best on it. Some boat owners pay a lot of attention to aesthetics but sometimes forget the practical side of using vinyl boat letterings – the readability of the letters. And most of the time, the problem lies in the choice of colour. So before you embark on a vinyl lettering design process, think very carefully what colours you should use to make your design look best.
  • How big the lettering should be. The rule of font sizes is simple. If your boat is large, then a larger lettering is necessary. But if you have a small speedboat or yacht, a smaller label would look less distracting. Always make sure the font size is properly aligned with the size of your boat.
  • Where you will place it. Before you go ahead and have a vinyl boat label designed and produced, first plan where you will place it. The location of the lettering will affect how big it should be as well as several other design elements.

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